Commodity Musings: December 2021 Commodity Musings

I don't like politicians. Their total inability to answer the question posed to them is frustrating, along with the current obsession with the Big State having a lot of control over people's lives in terms of restrictions imposed.
What happened to the concept of empowering the population to make their own decisions?
Isn't that the way you learn to take responsibility for your actions? Cause and effect and all that. ...

October 2021 Commodity Musings

I like dictionaries. Call me old fashioned but I still use my “Collins English Gem Dictionary” (1960 reprint). I know that with two clicks of a mouse you can find anything online but the tactile joy of thumbing through a dog-eared dictionary and discovering words like sphagnum and megatherdum by accident and learning 1 myriagram equals 1.5747 stone is not to be underestimated. If we wait long enough all words come back into fashion and maybe, we can stop our over reliance on jargon.


September 2021 Commodity Musings

I've always been a fan of the concept of alternative realities, parallel universes and, time travel since an early age. This was probably fed by my reading diet of Superman, Batman and X-Men comics in the 1960's. They tended to send my imagination and dreams into overload, an early indicator of the sleepless nights that would be coming to me over the next 40 years. The first time I saw The Wizard of Oz I didn't understand the surrealism of it, but in later years the vividness of the colours alone were enough to send my head spinning.


August 2021 Commodity Musings

I like trees. I always have done, ever since I was a kid. They always seemed to induce that feel-good factor when you were surrounded by them as opposed to the concrete jungles that many cities are these days, with just continual building onwards and upwards.


June 2021 Commodity Musings

When I'm sitting in the shed late at night, I often end up in a musical, Google wormhole fuelled by a diet of Jaffa Cakes and Rooibos tea listening to old rock music. Hence, when Rise by Public Image Limited from 1986 came on the radio, the words, "anger is an energy", sung by the Sex Pistol's John Lydon, jumped out at me (later the title of his autobiography that's well worth a read btw) which pretty much tells it like it is.



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